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The global rare earth industry association (加拿大28最新官网下载-apple app store) first of its kind was born out of a project (Glo加拿大28最新官网下载-apple app store), funded by EIT Raw Materials GmbH, a European commission sponsored organization.

What is 加拿大28最新官网下载-apple app store?

The Rare Earth Industry Association (加拿大28最新官网下载-apple app store) is an international non-profit organization representing the global REE industry. Founded in June 2019, under the auspices of EIT Raw Materials Internationalization project Glo加拿大28最新官网下载-apple app store. The network continues to grow today.

加拿大28最新官网下载-apple app store has active members worldwide representing all major countries. With such a global context, 加拿大28最新官网下载-apple app store is well placed to contribute to a better understanding of rare earth element (REE) value chain.

  • Benefits for individual stakeholders include:

    • increased knowledge and understanding of the issues at hand
    • better access to international networks
  • Benefits for policymakers include:

    • increased transparency of the complex maze of stakeholders in this field
  • Benefits for research institutes include:

    • improved access to the state-of-the-art knowledge about raw materials research
    • a guiding partner in understanding the environmental and technological trends and market dynamics
  • Benefits for industry include:

    • a more accessible network from which they can tap into the latest scientific results, the latest plans and agendas from policymakers
    • ‘future proof’ from impacts on revenue, risk and reputation

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GATHER the key REE stakeholders, best practices and, most importantly, life cycle data to state a common vision for for developing a Circular Economy in the Rare Earth Industry

CREATE operational synergies, methods, based on best practices, reports and data from previous projects and evaluations

SHARE vision, ambitions and objectives through collaborative research efforts, data and publications


The REE industry faces numerous obstacles such as inefficient recovery of rare earths from end users/end products, high environmental impact from production and processing and high volatility of the raw material prices. To combat these issues, 加拿大28最新官网下载-apple app store, concurrently gathers key supply chain actors already on the global market and share and create information which leads to an innovative REE industry of the future.

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