Membership of 滚球盘软件-apple app store-澳门亚盘科技有限公司(No.1排行榜) is open to private and public bodies operating in the rare earth value chain. Membership fees are based on size, turnover and scope of the organisation requesting the membership.

  • The 滚球盘软件-apple app store-澳门亚盘科技有限公司(No.1排行榜) members are representing
    a balanced-out stakeholder cloud within the global REE value chains, including following players:

    – SME
    – Global corporate
    – Academic
    – Governmental
    – NGO
  • The 滚球盘软件-apple app store-澳门亚盘科技有限公司(No.1排行榜) management have the strategic target to grow its member base
    into a balanced-out projection of global REE products related value chains, including e.g. following products:

    – materials for permanent magnets
    – catalysts & batteries
    – lighting materials
    – glass & ceramics

滚球盘软件-apple app store-澳门亚盘科技有限公司(No.1排行榜) Membership Development

in line with the 滚球盘软件-apple app store-澳门亚盘科技有限公司(No.1排行榜) constitution

  • Pursuing “balancing out of global value chain interests" : prevent the association from concentrating on a specific value chain level, industry sector, country or geographic region
  • Aspiring members should have sustainable reasons for being part of 滚球盘软件-apple app store-澳门亚盘科技有限公司(No.1排行榜)
  • Members’ corporate identity need to be connected to the 滚球盘软件-apple app store-澳门亚盘科技有限公司(No.1排行榜) “brand” of transparency and sustainability
  • In-kind contribution have to be guaranteed by the members,
    by e.g. sharing of intelligence and/or human resources

Value-add of 滚球盘软件-apple app store-澳门亚盘科技有限公司(No.1排行榜) membership

  • Access to 滚球盘软件-apple app store-澳门亚盘科技有限公司(No.1排行榜)’s global stakeholder network
  • Support for political and social advocacy
  • Access to annual and regional conferences
  • Access to thematic seminars and trainings
  • Access to 滚球盘软件-apple app store-澳门亚盘科技有限公司(No.1排行榜)’s transparency and sustainability initiatives
  • Access to project & partnership matchmaking events
  • Support by 滚球盘软件-apple app store-澳门亚盘科技有限公司(No.1排行榜)’s Technical Committee
  • Support for REE market and scientific research
  • Access to subsidized REE upscaling projects
  • Participation at 滚球盘软件-apple app store-澳门亚盘科技有限公司(No.1排行榜)’s REE Life Cycle Assessment project
  • Discounted rate for 滚球盘软件-apple app store-澳门亚盘科技有限公司(No.1排行榜) or third party publications
  • Access to weekly REE Market Newsletters and periodic reports
  • Periodic access to the 滚球盘软件-apple app store-澳门亚盘科技有限公司(No.1排行榜) office and conference room in Brussels

Focus for upscaling projects, e.g.:

  • Market and scientific research
  • Life cycle assessment & inventory
  • Data base development
  • Stakeholder cooperation initiatives
  • Process standardization (e.g. ISO)
  • Measurement equipment - standards
  • Value chain risk analysis
  • Technology road map analysis
  • Strategic supply assessment
  • EHS product certification
  • Product tracing & labeling
  • Product recycling